Leather Care

Leather can be a great, low-maintenance option for your upholstery, but there are some things to know in order to keep your leather furniture looking better for longer.

For protected leathers:

  • Do not use alcohol based disinfectants or cleaners (wipes or sprays) on your leather. This will weaken the protections on the top-coat leading to color transfer and staining.
  • Wipe down the leather with a damp, lint-free cloth. Water can be used alone or in combination with a weak, non-acidic cleaner such as Dawn or Palmolive dish soap. Dilute any cleaner you use with three parts water for each 1 part soap.
  • Let leather air dry. It is preferable to use fans or to open windows for better circulation. If you use any dryer, use low heat and keep the dryer about 12” away from the leather.
  • In drier climates, or if you clean the leather regularly, we recommend using a leather conditioner or protective cream to help ensure the leather doesn’t dry out over time.

For semi-aniline leathers:

Treatment is similar to that of the protected leathers, except

  • Lint-free rag should be barely damp.
  • Always test any soaps on a less conspicuous area and let dry before continuing.
  • Leather conditioners and creams can discolor your leather. Test on a less-conspicuous area before trying on the exposed areas.