Fabric Care

While every fabric sold by Wild Willow Bespoke Furniture is considered high-performance, there are many things that can and should be done to extend the life of your furniture.

  1. Upholstered surfaces should be vacuumed regularly with a brush attachment.
  2. Any more delicate fabrics such as trims, tassles, etc should be brushed rather than vacuumed.
  3. Any spills should be immediately and gently blotted with an absorbant cloth. Do not scrub as that could push the spill deeper into the fabrics.
  4. Spot clean any spots or stains in accordance with your specific fabric’s cleaning code. Test on an inconspicuous area first (i.e zipper panel on a seat cushion).
    • “W”: Use a water-based cleaning agent. This cleaning code is the easiest one to follow, since most upholstery cleaners are water-based. You can also gently wipe down stains with a cloth damp with water and not worry about damage. Purchase a water-based cleaner at your nearest grocery store, or (if safe to do so) consider making your own solution by mixing equal parts water and baking soda.
    • “S”: Use dry cleaning agents only. If a stain or spill occurs, look for a professional-grade dry cleaning product and avoid cleaning it with anything containing water.
    • “WS”: Both water-based and dry-cleaning agents are safe to use, though we recommend playing it safe and sticking to a professional solvent or dry-cleaning service. If you must use a water-based agent, get to the stain or spill as soon as possible.
    • “X”: Vacuum only; do not use any sort of cleaning solution, professional or otherwise, or else risk permanent damage.
    • “D”: Dry clean only
  5. The cushions and pillows are designed to be able to remove the cover and clean separately. Washing your fabric covers may void any warranty from the fabric manufacturer because there is a risk of error. Heat should never be applied to any fabric, either in the washing or drying. Cold water with a mild detergent is best for cleaning. Fabric covers should be hang-dried.
  6. Reverse or flip your cushions and pillows regularly to even out any wear and tear.
  7. If your furniture is exposed to sunlight, the fabric will fade over time. UV treatments or films on your windows can help with this. There are also UV sprays specifically designed for fabrics.
  8. Do not vacuum down-filled cushions. Brush them instead.