Design resources

We’ve created this resource to support you as you design your next bespoke piece. There are a number of tips that will help ensure that your sofa/chair is as comfortable as possible. Please see our design suggestions below.

If you want additional information, our designers are available as needed for a consultation. Schedule time with our designers here or call us at (801) 839-2830 with any questions you might have.

Seat height: A standard seat height for a sofa is between 18 and 20″. This is measured from the floor to the top seam in the seat cushion. 18″ is the most common option, but your seat height will depend primarily on the height of the shortest REGULAR user. For example, for two adults in the home at 6’0″ and 5’6″, the height would normally be based on the 5’6″ user. Comfort is best achieved if your heels are firmly on the floor. Exceptions would be made if an ottoman is used or if that shorter person regularly pulls their feet up under them.

Seat Depth: Standard seat depth is 20-22″ for a more formal sofa or ~24″ for a lounger or theater room sofa. This is measured from the front of the sofa to the front of the back cushion. The seat depth is tied to the overall depth of the sofa so as one changes, the other will as well. As with seat height, the seat depth should allow the shorter REGULAR user to have their heels firmly on the floor (unless there is an ottoman or your feet are usually pulled up under you).

Arm Height: Generally speaking, 24″ is the most common arm height. We recommend that the arms are set 6″ higher than the seat height. This provides a comfortable height relative to the seat. Some sofas have arms the same height as the back. In those cases, side pillows may be used as arm rests.

Frame Height: A normal sofa frame height finishes about 30-32″ from the ground. Loose back pillows will finish 3-4″ above the back rail. This helps provide head/neck support without pushing you forward. Small variations to the frame height aren’t an issue, however larger changes can be. A very short frame height won’t provide sufficient support. An overly tall frame however could push you forward in the seat instead of allowing you to recline back properly.

Leg height: In order to ensure that the sofa we build for you will last for generations, we need to ensure that the hardwood frame is strong enough and also tall enough to support the steel, coil springs in the seat suspension. To that extent, some leg heights may be restricted based on the seat height.

sofa dimensions


Back Cushions: Loose back cushions are removeable whereas a “tight-back” will have upholstered (non-removeable) cushions. Standard back cushions include a blend of polyester and down/feathers. Each cushion includes an insert to contain the feathers and make it more convenient to remove the filling, if needed.

Seat Cushions: The seat cushions in each Wild Willow piece are made using high-resilience polyurethane foam wrapped in an envelope of down/feathers. Seat cushions are offered in two different firmnesses: Soft and Medium.