How the process works

Design your own custom furniture with our free 3D tools

Our site only shows one product for now, but we can build almost anything you can think of. We’ve provided some free 3D furniture design tools here for you to be able to create almost any style or size. As you make your selections, an image of your sofa will begin to take shape. This image won’t be a perfect replica of your choices, but it should offer a close approximation to what your custom furniture will look like.

The design resources page also provides you with some basic recommendations and ranges to help you decide which options/sizes are best for you. Our engineers and designers can help design a piece designed perfectly for you.

Wild Willow products are extremely customizable, beyond even what our 3D tools can display. If there is a design detail for your product that isn’t available as a standard configuration option, please note that in the additional details at the end of the configuration process or simply give us a call to discuss what you’d like built. We will discuss and confirm any details with you before we get started.

Once you’re done designing your custom furniture, you can see the price and add it to your cart or make additional changes. You will need to log-in to see pricing, save and share projects, and complete payment.

At any point in the process if you need help, you can chat with our designers (during business hours) or schedule a time to speak with us in more depth. Our designers and engineers are here to answer any questions you have.


Schedule a design consultation or give us a call at (801) 839-2830.